Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Commission Questions

Q. Why is my status inactive when I recently placed an order for 50pv?

A. The back office updates every 15 minutes, therefore your status will update shortly.  This also usually occurs when the order placed was late in the prior month and as the new month starts all affiliate statuses revert to inactive until an order is placed for the new month. 

Q. Can we sign up a retail store to carry the products?

A. Yes, however they must sign up as an Affiliate and order from their back office. They will have the option to buy products in BULK for resale

Q. Do new Affiliates have to provide their SS# during the enrollment?

A. We’ve removed this mandatory field from the enrollment form, however if any Affiliate earns more than $600 in a calendar year which are the IRS guidelines they must provide their SS#.

Q. Do retail purchases count towards my 50pv active status?

A. Yes.

Q. My back office says I have 1 Affiliate in my team, however when I view my downline they do not appear?

A. The system counts you as that 1 Affiliate.

Q. Can the 10% gift card program be used on any new enrollment product or just a fast start package?

A. Any combination of products ordered.

Q. Where does the New Affiliate enter in the code to receive their 10% off during their Enrollment?

A. There's a field on step 2 of the enrollment form.

Q. What is PV?, What is BV?

A. PV stands for point value and is the value assigned to all products. BV is business volume which is the summation of all PV within your down line team. All Commissions are calculated on PV.

Q. Do we have to buy products every month?

A. If you joined to build a business with our program, then you must purchase or sell 50pv worth of products from your website in order to stay active and collect commissions. Commission Questions

Q. When do the commission checks go out?

A. Commissions checks go out around the 4th-7th of each month

Q. Why have my commissions gone down from yesterday’s display?

A. There may have been a customer or affiliate product return which would cause a reduction in commissions.

Q. I just sponsored a new affiliate with the $549 package and my $200 fast start bonus isn’t displaying in my commissions, why?

A. There could be three reasons for this;

1. You were not active when you sponsored the new affiliate,
2. You never purchased the $549 package for yourself or
3. You do not have at least 1 retail customer. therefore you’re not qualified to receive the fast start coded bonus. You have until the end of the month to upgrade and purchase the $549 package in order to receive the $200 Fast Start Commission.

Q. Is there a limit to how many times can we earn the fast start bonuses?

A. No, it’s infinite

Q. Why didn’t I receive my check match bonus this month?

A. They could be multiple reasons why, however the most common is you didn’t meet the following criteria;

1. 5 active 50pv affiliates on your 1st level

2. Have 2 retail customers

3. Have 1500pv volume requirement within your first 3 Levels.

Q. What is compression?

A. Compression occurs within our compensation plan when someone you directly sponsored (1st Level) becomes inactive. If this occurs, your level 2 Affiliate becomes your level 1 Affiliate allowing you to earn the 20% vs. the 10% commission.

Q. I deposited my commission check and it bounced!

A. There’s only 1 reason behind this occurring. Our Bank issues stop payments on any check that hasn’t been cashed within 60days, therefore CASH your checks as soon as you receive them or signup for direct deposit via your back office.

Q. Do I need to recruit 3 people to receive commissions?

A. You receive commissions when you recruit at a minimum of 1 person who purchases or sells products personal consumption via their website. Since this affiliate is on your 1st Level you receive 20% of the PV.


Auto Ship Questions

Q. I received an email that my credit card could not be charged for my scheduled autoship, I have logged into my back office and updated my card. Will the system automatically attempt to charge the new card on the next day?

A. Yes, our system will attempt to charge the card on file every night.

Q. Can I create a 2nd autoship for my account?

A. Yes, you can create multiple autoships.

Q. Can I pay for my products with commissions?

A. Yes, if you have enough money accrued.

Q. Can I pay for my Autoship with commissions?

A. Yes, if you have enough money accrued.

Q. I have autoship setup for March 5th, when does my order actually process and my credit card charged within the backoffice?

A. About 3am on March 6th.

Q. Is there a requirement to be on autoship in order to receive commissions?

A. No.

General Questions

Q. Are the conference Calls Recorded?, if so how can I listen to them

A. The playback number is 712-432-1085 - Access Code 660594#

Q. How do I change the name of my website?

A. Log into your Back Office, then under my website information. The form controls the website username, your name, email and telephone number displaying.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

A. 30 days 100% money back excluding shipping.

Q. I cannot log into my back office after repeated attempts and password resets, help?

A. You probably locked yourself out due to multiple attempts. Email and or initiate a Chat Discussion via your website and we’ll reset the password for you.

Q. I put in my banking direct deposit information; however I still received a Check this month, why?

A. You’ll receive one last check before Direct Deposit takes over.

Q. Where do I send email support questions to?


Q. What countries are you currently shipping to?

A. This list always changes, therefore if you simulate a new person joining you'll see the drop down country list.

Q. Is Shipping Free in The USA?

A. We offer Free Shipping on certain product packages, however not for all orders.

Q. I ordered a product package thas free shipping, however I'm being charged shipping at the checkout page, Why?

A. This occurs when you have added other items to your cart that do not have free shipping

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